What are the different roles available in tech sales?

Tech sales is a broad term. It can be hard to know where you fit in and which roles would be best suited to you.

Some people pull back from the idea of ‘sales’ but in tech what it’s really about is finding solutions for companies and helping them get the most out of their software, hardware or services.

Exact roles and titles will vary by company and industry, but below are a few of the roles you should be aware of. In addition, progression in the industry is not linear, meaning you’ll normally have the opportunity to explore different areas as you progress through your career.


Pre-sales role is the window into the company for prospective clients. They have in-depth knowledge of technology solutions and provide trusted expertise to customers on how they can solve the problems faced in their business.

The primary aim of Pre-sales is to understand a client’s problems, identify where solutions can be offered, and add value as experts in the product or service offered.  

Salary range: £50k for entry level

Suitable skills:

  1.  Interest in technology solutions
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Communication

Sales Development Reps (SDR) or Business Development Reps (BDR)

SDRs and BDRs are responsible for generating and qualifying suitable leads and are one of the most common routes into the tech sales industry. 

They focus on reaching out to companies, identifying potential customers and linking them to the tech sales process.

They work closely with Pre-sales teams and add value by differentiating the tech sales company they work for from competitors, as well as developing more personal relationships with potential clients.

Success is not only defined by how many leads are generated but also by how successfully leads move through the sales process.

Salary range: £40k - £50k for entry level

Suitable skills:

  1. Proactive
  2. Communication
  3. Integrity
  4. Target-driven

Account Executives

They’re responsible for closing deals with clients found by SDRs and BDRs. They deliver demos, draft proposals and ultimately get the deals over the line. 

As a result, Account Executives are hugely target-driven and can earn big commissions on top of their base salary.

Salary range: £50k - £150k OTE

Suitable skills:

  1. Communication
  2. Target-driven
  3. Negotiation

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Once a customer has signed on the dotted line with an Account Executive and is onboarded with the company, they’re handed over to a Customer Success Manager. 

They are responsible for keeping clients’ needs met and ensuring they’re making the most of the solutions that your company offers.

The success of a CSM is defined by their ability to retain customers over a long period. This will frequently involve relationship management, proactively seeking solutions to problems they might have with the product, and above all ensuring that customers are seeing value for money in their purchase.

CSMs are also responsible for upselling current customers on new products that might be offered. 

They fulfil a vital role in the sales process as most new clients don’t become profitable for the business until a defined period of retention.

Salary range: £40k for entry level

Suitable skills:

  1. Empath
  2. Integrity
  3. Team player
  4. Drive

Mapping your career 

Progression between these roles and even beyond is not linear in the tech sales industry. 

Lots of people have experience in the entire tech sales process and will work in the role that suits them and their lifestyle most.

For example, many people will thrive under the targets given to Account Executives and will enjoy the rich commission-based rewards that come as a result of that. Others enjoy roles that are less dependent on targets and more about relationship management or technical solutions.

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