July 27, 2023

What's the difference between an SDR & BDR?

BDR and SDR are commonly-used acronyms in the tech sales industry, so you might have come across them before. 

If you don’t know what the heck they mean though, don’t worry. We’ll explain. 

SDR = Sales Development Reps 

They’re tasked with identifying sales opportunities from inbound channels. 

BDR = Business Development Reps 

These roles involve mainly spending their time actively finding new business through outbound channels.

On the face of it, they’re fairly similar

This is why some people struggle to differentiate between the two. Remember, while SDRs are tasked with qualifying sales opportunities from inbound channels, BDRs are actively searching for new customers and emerging markets.

SDRs in more detail. 

They qualify inbound leads.This essentially means working out if the company is in a position to actually help them with their business needs. 

SDRs often work with marketing and sales to engage prospects and work out if they’re a good fit.

Ultimately, SDRs want to drive conversations to book an appointment with an Account Executive to close a sales opportunity.

Who can be an SDR?

With a lot of moving pieces and plenty to do, these are the key skills:

Empathetic - The best SDRs recognise problems others’ are facing and understand how to have conversations that deliver the best value for prospects.

Communicators - Consistent and genuine communication with clients will helps SDRs be successful. Being able to chat with all kinds of different people, being able to listen and utlimately reacting in the right way to solve any unique issues is absolutely key.

Tenacity - They need to be able to handle rejection. Or better yet, turn it around into a motivator. Being told ‘no’ by a client shouldn't phase an SDR, but should always help them learn for their next opportunity.

So, a little more about BDRs. 

BDRs focus on finding new business opportunities and adding them to the sales process. This is typically done through prospecting, which is involves proactively reaching out to new businesses who might benefit from your company’s service or product.

Quick-thinking and able to chat with anyone, BDRs spend a lot of time striking up new relationships with potential customers and will frequently work with in-house marketing teams to support sales campaigns.

Who can be a BDR?

Here are some of the key qualities needed for a role like this. 

Adaptability - You need to be happy to take on new challenges. Each new prospect call will be different, and being able to roll with the punches and get what you need from an opportunity requires quick-thinking and adaptability.

Self-starter - They’re responsible for actively going out and finding suitable new business, so being someone who can set their own targets and pursue them is key. Remember, your success will be rewarded with cold, hard commission.

Curious - Because these types of people ask the right questions. Internally, to help with their personal development, but they also ask searching questions to new clients, helping to develop good quality leads. 

What can you earn as a BDR or SDR?

£40k - £60k average base salary for those meeting their targets. Also good to remember, that both of these roles are heavily incentivised with commission. 

Why ex-mil? 

Many service leavers and ex-forces personnel naturally have the skills to become effective BDRs and SDRs earning plenty of commission in the process. In fact, your ability to learn new things quickly, and communicate to such a high standard will make you stand out against other candidates. 

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