February 9, 2024

Why we're working with Connectd to drive military talent into the SaaS startup space

We talk a lot at Redeployable about working in tech, and as a tech start-up, we can vouch that it’s a very exciting place to be. 

That’s why we’re working with Connectd, to help get vets into these fast-paced roles, high-growth roles. 

What is Connectd?

It’s a community network to connect entrepreneurs and start-ups with investors and NEDs (non-executive directors) to secure growth opportunities. The technology helps organisations and individuals find each other through a data-driven approach that cuts out the middlemen in the investment cycle.


They’ve created a platform that allows founders to integrate their open banking, accounting software, and commerce platforms with Connectd to produce a deep set of reporting metrics. Investors are then given an overview of the entire business portfolio, meaning they can target relevant opportunities and make informed decisions. 

Advisors and NEDs can also build their skills through bespoke training and resources, peer-to-peer learning, and networking to bring together the right people at the right time. 

Why are veterans so well suited to SaaS? 

It’s fast-paced and the work is varied. The military gives personnel an edge, thanks to the range of hard skils, soft skills, and compitencies that 

A growth mindset -This means they’re constantly looking to upskill and see all challenges and failures as opportunities to learn. This is a mindset instilled in their time in the military, as they constantly look to improve performance and rank. 

Adaptability - In an ever-changing working environment, military personnel must be comfortable with pivoting strategy and focus. No two days in the military are the same, so this is second nature to vets. 

Focus -Military training encourages giving yourself completely to the task in hand, while always seeing the bigger picture. The military is goal-orientated, meaning that personnel are used to focusing hard on the tasks that get results.

Are you looking for talent to join your SaaS company? Then get in touch. 

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