But what actually is SaaS?

If you’re starting out in SaaS, you’ll need to start by learning what it all means.

Software as a service

In its simplest terms, SaaS is an acronym that stands for Software as a Service, but just knowing what it stands for doesn’t exactly spell it out. 

SaaS is when a business delivers an application over the internet. This will often be a super useful service that is delivered online. The vast majority is business to business, but it can sometimes be a service directly to the public. 

One simple example of SaaS would be if you have a Microsoft Office package at home. You pay a small recurring fee to continue using the software, which is providing you a service.

SaaS is used by businesses all around the world and can include simple applications for emails and management, right the way through to technical online solutions for complex, specialist problems. 

How do SaaS businesses work?

SaaS businesses provide an ongoing, evolving service to their customers at a monthly or annual fee. Because there’s no big initial purchase from customers, SaaS providers often don’t make profits from customers until months or sometimes years down the line. So the motivation for customers to work well and get the most out of the software is important.

Benefits of SaaS

The benefits to businesses of using SaaS can be distilled into a few points:

  1. No big initial purchase. Monthly subscription means businesses don’t have to pay a big one-off fee.
  2. Ongoing improvements. Subscribing to an internet-based application means businesses get access to improvements in that software.
  3. Customer service. Rather than buying a product and walking away, businesses can access ongoing support from SaaS providers.

Why people work in SaaS sales

It’s a rapidly growing industry that pays well. According to RepVue, the average on-target starting salary for a Sales Development Rep is £65,580.

It’s not just the money, though. SaaS Sales roles are principally about helping people and businesses solve problems. People who work in SaaS sales get satisfaction seeing the businesses they work with become more efficient, profitable and successful.

Why vets and service leavers?

Thousands of the military community end up in SaaS sales. They naturally have a lot of the skills and traits needed to do super well, earning high salaries too. 

They are: :

  1. Target-driven: Aiming for ambitious targets often inspires service leavers to achieve more.
  2. Problem solvers: Identifying and solving customers’ problems is effectively what sales is. You don’t go far in the military without being able to solve a few problems!
  3. Good communicators: Making sure everyone understands the software, the offer and the ongoing support is crucial for customers’ ongoing success with the software.
  4. Adaptable: No customer is the same. Adaptability from the military is paramount for reacting to what customers are saying and working to solve their specific problems.

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