But what does 'tech sales' really mean?

What is tech sales? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Tech Sales defined 

As a broad definition, tech sales is the process of selling technology, whether that’s software, hardware or IT service.

‘Selling’ is a term that can take some getting used to in this sense, but in tech sales what this really means is working with people and businesses to see if you’re offering a product or service that can help them with a problem they’re facing. Think less Del Boy and more troubleshooters.  

What do you do in tech sales?

There’s a range of roles in the tech sales industry. From Sales Development Reps who open the door to new business, Account Executives who follow up on good leads, to Customer Success Managers who ensure clients are getting the most out of products.  

The long and short of it is that tech sales roles are centred around helping potential customers understand how your product can help them, signing them up, and then helping them use the product or service effectively.

In terms of day-to-day work, it involves finding new business, troubleshooting any issues, agreeing on cost and helping customers to get the most out of their purchase. 

How much do you make in tech sales?

Good performance is rewarded, so it can be an incredibly lucrative career to get involved in. 

A good base salary is often heavily incentivised with uncapped commission payments, meaning the best tech salespeople make the most money.

According to RepVue, a Sales Development Rep (which is an entry-level role) makes on average £65,580, if they reach their targets. This can be improved if you exceed targets, so you’d see that figure jumping dramatically in a promotion path.

Who can do tech sales?

Although some people will say ‘anyone’, that’s not strictly true.

In terms of qualifications, tech sales is an accessible career. You don’t need a degree or sales knowledge to get started. What you will need is the right attitude.

This means individuals who are adaptable, empathetic, hard-working, calm under pressure and natural problem solvers. That’s why the military community are so well suited to roles in tech sales. Skills honed while serving transfer perfectly. 

How do you kick off a career in tech sales?

Research the types of technology you might be interested in selling. Find out about companies and what they do. See if there’s an area of tech sales that you could naturally fit into and that aligns with your interests or experiences. 

If you’re a vet or service leaver and you think this could be the next career for you, give us a message. We’ll help you get there. 

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