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We use tech to help organisation create quick and scalable pathways to engage, understand and match with exceptional, diverse talent from the military community.

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A great proposition for both veterans and employers

The transition from service life to a tech career can be challenging and this is where the Redeployable platform add real value.

Translation of experience and skills and smart matching to potential roles make it a great proposition for both veterans and employers.

The Redeployable team have made a significant impact

In a short space of time, Ben Read and the Redeployable team have made a significant impact in the world of supporting veterans.

Their down-to-earth approach champions social conscience, challenges the status-quo and genuinely holds a veteran's success as its guiding principle.

Build diverse, high-performing teams

Redeployable has given Xero the tools and means to start integrating Veterans into our recruitment processes and tap into new veins of talent.

It's giving us another way of building diverse high performing teams.

Hire for what you can't teach

Hard skills are easy to teach. Military candidates have spent years continuously training and developing.

Skill-based companies will win the talent war.

Drive business impact and shift DE&I

1.2 million

There are over 1.2 million working age veterans in the UK, from socio-economically diverse backgrounds - the opportunity to diversify your talent pool is right in front of you.

+8.3% retention

LinkedIn reported that veterans remain with their initial company 8.3% longer than nonveterans. Another recent study found that veterans, on average, perform at higher levels and have lower turnover.

45% reduced cost

Companies who work with us report a saving of over 45% when calculating their costs per hire vs traditional recruitment channels.  

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