July 11, 2023

Advice we wish we'd had when we left the military

Being vets ourselves, we’re aware that transitioning out of the military doesn’t have a single clear-cut route. This can sometimes make it hard knowing what to do, and having spoken to a heck of a lot of ex-mil, it seems that we all share this view. 

There’s a lot of advice out there, but these are the main things we wish we’d known during that time. 

  1. Don’t rush into anything 🐌

Take your time. Consider industries outside of those that are perhaps the obvious choice for your military experience. 

Think about what you’re interested in. Then consider your life goals, and if you have specific financial targets. If there are other factors in your life that are important, like managing your family or social life, then account for them too. 

Some roles will require long hours, travelling, or maybe don’t pay enough for the financial demands you’re needing to meet. Do your research, it will pay off. 

  1. Don’t underestimate yourself 🤓

The military will have given you extremely valuable skills, discipline and leadership qualities. 

They’re highly transferable, don’t forget this. In fact, most people don’t have half of the competencies you do when starting a new career, so make the most of your competitive advantage. 

Highlight how adaptable you are. Make sure your problem-solving and teamwork skills are clear, and show off your commitment to high-standards and getting sh*t done, even when it’s tough. 

  1. Get networking - asap! 💬

Building your network early on will give you a head start. The military community is tight-knit and you’ll benefit from people who you might not even know personally. If you can attend career fairs, conferences, then do it. Otherwise, chat to friends and people you know who are in a similar boat, or have already transitioned out. Remember, people are often happy to help, so don’t feel like you can’t ask. 

We can help you with this one too - connect with the Redeployable team on Linkedin and you’ll enter a huge network of opportunity.  

  1. Give things a go while you’re still in service 💡

Interning or working part-time while serving your last six months could also help you out later down the line. There’s lots of options to explore career paths and gain experience. Check out some of the different military programs, development courses and workshops on offer. These will boost your skill set even further and give you a good idea of what kind of career suits you. 

If you need more advice, or want to talk through your options with us, then get in touch. We’ve been there, and are always happy to chat about next steps. 

Just send us a mail, or chat to one of us on linkedin. 🤝

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