What's a recruitment tech platform?

The way we work is constantly changing. And as such, so is the recruitment process. 

Today’s employers are looking for new and innovative ways to find top talent. 

What’s the issue with traditional recruitment?

It’s time-consuming. Sifting through a large number of resumes and applications manually takes up a heck of a lot of time. It also makes room for human error and inefficiencies, leading to delays in actually finding suitable candidates. 

There’s also the issue of reach. Relying on small talent pools and overused networks can mean that finding new candidates that bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table can b difficult. 

And finally, a lack of standardised evaluation methods and highly subjective decision-making means there are often significant biases.  

So what’s the solution?

New, and innovative approaches to finding candidates. 

Redeployable is a recruitment platform that replaces the traditional, clunky recruitment process. The platform matches veterans and service leavers with roles in companies that align with their experiences, abilities and requirements.

It means those companies save time, money, and they end up with a highly capable candidate from a brand-new talent pool.  

How do we know the candidates are so great? 

They’ve been screened, mentored, and have access to some of the best role-specific training. This means that tech companies can be confident that they are hiring candidates who are fully prepared for the role they are applying for.

The candidates are so well trained that they’re proven to reduce ramp time. This means they become a fully productive, top performing employee in a short period of time. 

To top it off, candidates from Redeployable have shown to have lower attrition rates than mainstream candidates. Essentially, the hiring companies are less likely to lose them after hiring. This is because the platform matches them to roles that they’re perfect for. They’re more satisfied and stay put. 

Sounds good? Get on the waiting list.

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