February 2, 2024

Exploring the Defence Industry: Why it's a Perfect Fit for Military Candidates

When we talk about the defence industry, we’re talking about a huge array of functions related to safeguarding nations and ensuring security. Skills required range from strategic planning to the software and hardware engineering for the development of cutting-edge technologies. 

For military candidates transitioning to civilian life, the defence industry promises a purposeful career path with ample progression opportunities. 

It’s an industry that doesn’t sit still 

As geopolitical relationships become less stable, investment in the industry grows. Although good for the stability of the industry, in turn, political instability leads to supply chain complications, longer lead times on products, and a lack of talent. As a result of this constant flux, it’s a highly-adaptive industry. If you enjoy problem solving and challenge, this could be for you. 

And it’s growing 

Governments globally, including in the UK, consistently show their commitment to the defence industry. It means there’s been a significant rise in investment in the defence industry in recent times. Put it this way, the UK defence industry is valued at a whopping $62.8 Billion. It’s mega. 

Plus, the emergence of new companies means that there are plenty of job opportunities. 

What roles should you expect?

🔒 Cybersecurity: The focus is on protecting sensitive information and critical infrastructure from cyber threats, a domain where military expertise is highly valued.

🤖 Defence Technology Developers: Engage in creating advanced technologies, from unmanned aerial vehicles to sophisticated communication systems, contributing to the modernisation of defence capabilities.

🚢 Engineering: Involve the design and construction of military aircraft, ships, and related components, offering an opportunity to apply expertise gained in the armed forces.

🌐 Strategic Planning: Advising and planning national security strategies, utilising the strategic thinking and planning skills developed in the military.


⭐ Frontline of Innovation: The defence industry provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancements, contributing to the development of state-of-the-art defence systems.

⭐ Global Impact: Military candidates can make a significant impact on a global scale by addressing challenges related to security, diplomacy, and international relations.

⭐ Cutting-edge Technologies: Working in defence means engaging with the latest technologies, from advanced weaponry to state-of-the-art surveillance systems.

⭐ High Demand: The demand for skilled professionals in the defence sector is consistently high, ensuring numerous opportunities for well-compensated positions.

⭐ Job Stability: A strong commitment from governments and ongoing investments in defence projects create a stable job environment for professionals in the industry.

How are you already qualified?

➡️ Leadership and Teamwork: Developed through military service, these skills are crucial in the hierarchical structure of defence organisations.

➡️ Strategic Planning: Military personnel excel in strategic thinking, a valuable asset for planning and executing defence operations.

➡️ Adaptability: Military training equips individuals to adapt to changing circumstances, a trait highly prized in the dynamic defence environment.

How do you get into the industry?

👉 Enhance your skill set: Tailor your skill set to match the specific requirements of the role you're interested in. Further education or training may be necessary for certain positions, do your research. 

👉 Gain Experience: Volunteer or intern in the defence industry to gain hands-on experience. Resettlement programs may offer opportunities for work experience during the transition.

👉 Network: Attend defence-related events, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and tap into networking opportunities to explore potential career paths.

👉 Join Redeployable: Explore defence industry opportunities that we have on the platform. Your new career may be waiting for you.

Good luck.

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