December 8, 2023

Grayce x Redeployable: How military talent drives business development

A leading hire, train, and deploy consultancy, Grayce brings exceptional emerging talent together with organisations to close the skills gap. 

They hire graduates and early professionals, training them in change management, technology, and data. They’re then deployed into organisations to work on their critical programs, all while benefiting from continuous training, coaching and development from the Grayce team. Everything they do is about helping emerging talent to realise their potential. 

Why Redeployable?

They wanted to work with a company that aligned with their own values and principles. We ticked those boxes. With a passion for driving change and helping people to thrive in new careers, it was an obvious match. They’ve since hired Laura Clark, an ex-Army officer, through Redeployable. 

What are the candidates like? 

“One of the first things we noticed about Redployable was their passion. When the candidates were shared with us, we were impressed with the quality of their interviews. Each candidate was confident, thorough, and showed transferable skills that were exactly what we were looking for. ” - Miranda Di Rosa, Chief Development Officer at Grayce

Laura was able to hit the ground running in her new role as Business Development Manager. Her military experience means she’s got the skillset to dive into the position and make a difference almost as soon as she started. 

“She possesses very strong communication skills. She is succinct, engaging, and charismatic, making her a great fit for a Business Development role. Her drive, positivity, and curiosity are all skills she developed and nurtured throughout her military career and have been directly transferable to a career at Grayce.”” 

It wasn’t a shock to us that her proactive approach to her work makes her stand out. Vets are trained in the military to take challenges in their stride. Being mission-focused means ex-military candidates are driven by the bigger picture and driving companies to reach targets. 

Would they work with us again? 

Yes. We’re chuffed to say that working with Grayce was a great success, especially for Laura who is now killing it in her new career. 

“Redeployable were easy to work with throughout the hiring process. They took the time to understand Grayce, what we were looking to achieve, and the types of people we needed. This was reflected in the consistently high calibre of candidates. Laura's drive, positivity, and curiosity are all skills she developed and nurtured throughout her military career and have been directly transferable to a career at Grayce.””

Military candidates have an edge because their mindset is so desirable; they’re driven and motivated. It means we have a community full with excellent candidates, ready to match with companies like Grayce. 

What’s next for Grayce and Redeployable? 

“We are definitely open to opportunities to partner with Redeployable again in the future. We are excited to see how our partnership develops and look forward to continuing to explore new ways of working together to build a diverse talent pool.”

Need we say more? If you want to bring a military edge to your team, click this link to get in touch with the team. 
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