January 5, 2024

How ex-military candidates excel in the finance industry

Veterans have a diverse skill set when they leave the military. 

They’re disciplined, naturally strategic thinkers, and they work to a high standard. 

The finance industry demands all of the above, and with such a broad spectrum of roles under the industry umbrella, is a great option for ex-military candidates looking to crack on with a lucrative, challenging career. 

At its core, it’s an industry that requires sharp attention to detail. Many roles involve data analysis, strategic planning and confident execution. From investment banking to risk management, the sector caters well for different interests and career paths. 

It’s an incredibly goal-orientated industry. 

And as a service leaver or veteran, you are too. 

Targets are the driving force behind many financial institutions. It could be in pursuit of market share, profit margins, or winning new clients, but measurable objectives will always be performance indicators. Not dissimilar to military, mission-focused objectives. 

Client satisfaction is important, as it’s a competitive industry. There’s pressure to outperform client expectations to keep accounts on the books and stay ahead of the competition.

Alongside this, there is also regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. These involve making sure that companies are proactively managing potential challenges while safeguarding standards and trust in the industry. 

Veterans in the financial sector

One of the most unique skills that veterans bring to the industry is experience in risk management. In the military, we’re used to evaluating and mitigating risk, having to make snap decisions and responding confidently to rapidly changing situations. 

Combining this with the ability to stick to deadlines, manage stakeholders and rise to challenge makes veterans excellent candidates for the financial services industry. 

Close Brothers and Redeployable

Close Brothers, one of the leading financial services companies in the UK, is working closely with Redeployable to fill a variety of operational and analytical roles. 

They specialise in giving their clients tailored solutions. This could be within banking, securities or asset management. Within each of these divisions, the company offers a wide range of services. 

Already having hired veterans into the business, they’re an organisation that understands the value that vets bring. It’s why they want more on their team. 

We’re giving Close Brothers access not only to a pool of highly skilled, disciplined individuals but individuals who will contribute to a culture of diversity and inclusivity. 

Could that be you? Check out the platform to see roles in the finance industry.
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