November 9, 2023

How to Avoid Veteran Clichés and Stand Out from the Crowd

On time. Smart. Uber polite. 

That’s probably what comes to mind when employers think about ex-military qualities. But you know, and we know, that you have a heck of a lot more in your roster than that. 

Actual, valuable, tangible skills. You’re capable of a lot, and you’ve got the experience to prove it. 

So here’s how to sell yourself, while avoiding those cliches. 

Your skills

The rigorous training and hands-on experience that members of the Armed Forces receive sets you apart. Members benefit from trade-specific qualifications and certifications that are earned through expert-led programs. Make sure that you show these off in an interview and on your profile (or CV). 

How many times can you remember being in high-stakes situations? On intense operations, large-scale exercises, or under tight deadlines? Probably a lot.

You’ve also likely gained invaluable perspectives from working internationally alongside allies. Adaptability and collaborative teamwork are an absolute must. Stress the importance of these skills, grounding them in examples of when you’ve had to put them to use. 

Your Capabilities

Ex-service personnel continue to develop relevant skills and accreditations after their time in the military. When you signed off, you probably cracked on with management courses, technical qualifications and even higher academic degrees. 

So if you’ve carried on professional training, then shout about this. It shows that you’ve got ambition and work ethic. 

But even if you didn’t, you’ve still got a lot to offer. We’ve found, from our own experiences and from working with veterans, that we tend to recognise the need to complement our experiences with updated best practices, technological know-how, and business needs. 

It’s a constant cycle of learning that paints a picture of individuals who want to invest in their future. It’s a mindset that your time in the military would have instilled. If this is you, talk about it.  

Your proven experience

Remember those intense performance evaluations that you had to go through during your time in the forces? Or the pressure to excel in rigorous competitive processes? Us too. This proves that we know what it takes to succeed when talent and dedication are assessed objectively. 

You’ve got to be willing to step up and face tough appraisal systems, this demonstrates a professionalism that’s largely unmatched in the civilian workforce. It proves that you’re competent, too. 

Think about it. By hiring you, employers are gaining candidates who are proven to perform under the strictest of standards, and who have shown their commitment to advancing their capabilities and careers in a competitive environment. You’re sh*t hot. 

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