October 30, 2023

How to create the perfect Redeployable profile

The military teaches you to be adaptable, resilient, and to get things done. Now it's up to you to showcase these skills and land your next exceptional role. 

We know it can be daunting, we’ve been there. But between our smart-matching technology, extensive employer connections and community support, we’ll make it easy for you to redeploy your talents into a new career. 🚀

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes 👞

Your profile will be seen by a hiring manager. Sometimes they have hundreds of candidates to choose from, so make sure your story is concise and packs a punch. 

Let’s get stuck in. 

We’re going to break down the profile and show you some examples. 

They’re north star, brilliant profiles to aim for. This will be you.

1) Your preferences 

It might seem obvious… but be honest with yourself. 

The multiple choice questions all feed into our job matching algorithm. So select options that really reflect what you want in your next role.

The salary minimum you enter helps us to identify what level of role you’re looking for, plus it filters out any roles that won’t meet your expectations. Be honest with yourself on what you really want to be paid. It’s good to know, it won't limit you from seeing open jobs, we just won't mark them as strong match.

Top tip: Click the ‘i’ icon next to the questions to reveal more information that will help you make a choice. 🤓

2) Upload a strong profile picture
Show your best side. We have pictures on our profiles because they get 40% more employer engagement. 

  1. Use a clear photo, with just your face in it, no one else. Try to ensure you're taking up over half of the frame.

  2. Smile! Use a picture that demonstrates you're friendly.
  3. Avoid busy, distracting backgrounds and make sure the light is good. Taking the picture outside can help, or if not, free tools like Canva can help you clear the background of a picture. 

3) Your ‘About you’ is your moment in the spotlight ⭐

This is your profile bio. Your personal boilerplate. How can you leave the employer wanting to read more? 

  1. Hook your reader by highlighting your background and making it clear what it is you’re looking for in your next role.

  2. Write how you speak, in the first person. Keep it simple and positive.

  3. Short and sweet is good. Aim for 4-6 sentences, no more.

4) ‘Experience’ is your personal trophy cabinet. 

The guidance for filling in your Military experience and professional experience is the same:

Sing your own praises. Think about what your biggest career achievements are, and include them.

If you don’t have civvy-street experience, don’t worry. Your military experience is enough to showcase the skills you have. Remember, your military experience meant you handled a heck of a lot of responsibility - shout about it.

  1. If you’re writing about a company that’s not super well known, it’s a good idea to include a brief description of what they do.
  2. List 4-6 bullet points for each role, focus on the measurable achievement, and point out promotions and targets that you hit.
  3. Use the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action, Result. (want to learn more? Check out our explanation here)

5) Mark your skills

You will have lots of skills, so make sure that you highlight them in the Skills section.

It's good to think about which ones are relevant to the field you’re interested in, often leadership, communication and problem-solving are good ones to highlight.

6) Don’t ignore the About Me questions ❌

This is your personal moment in the spotlight, let your personality do the work. 

  1. Be candid. It’s your chance to give a sense of who you are.

  2. Three sentences or so are fine for this section, just try and answer them how you would if asked in an interview.

And you’re done.

These steps will guarantee you traction. Our smart tech will do the rest to help you find the perfect next role. 

A final tip 💬

When you've finished writing your profile, read it through carefully and ask yourself 'does this feel like me?'. Sometimes, showing your profile to a friend can help, so don't be afraid to reach out to your mates for help.


And reach out to us on Intercom 💬 if you need more tips.

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