October 5, 2023

Meta x Redeployable: Ex-military candidates are good for business, we’re going to prove it.

We’re a month since launch. To celebrate, we’re hosting an event in collaboration with Meta. 

On Thursday, 19th of October, at the Meta office in London, We’re bringing a panel of tech-industry representatives who will discuss a variety of topics around the employment crisis that’s facing the industry. 

Our panel includes: 

👤 Laura Wilkinson - Adarga

Chief People Officer at Adarga, Laura offers insights from scaling a tech start-up in the fast lane, with a uniquely high percentage of ex-military in the workforce.

Adarga is a technology company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics, particularly for applications in defence, intelligence, and security sectors.

They leverage AI to help organisations process huge amounts of data, analysing them for insights, for detecting patterns and for helping them to make informed decisions. 

They’re a fast growing company who already focus on hiring ex-mil, with over 30% of their workforce having served. 

👤 Emma Dutton MBE - Applied Influence Group

A veteran turned CEO and founder, Emma's dual perspective will shed light on the veteran experience and the world of start-ups.

Emma served in the Royal Airforce, as a Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer and then a Specialise Military Intelligence Officer. 

She’s got a unique, dual perspective that will really bring a lot of value to our panel. Her company, Applied Influence Group is a consulting firm that specialises in helping organisations enhance their influence, persuasion, and communication. 

They help put in place influence strategies, behavioural science principles, and communication techniques via workshops, consulting and advising. There’s a significant amount of behavioural science and psychology incorporated into their methods. It’s a super interesting business. 

👤 David Pownall - Schneider Electric

Vice President Of Services and Safety at Schneider Electric, David will share his experiences of the hiring obstacles and experiences encountered within a mega, enterprise company.

Schneider Electric is a global corporation that specializes in energy management and automation solutions. They provide a huge range of products, systems and software for all sorts of industries, including energy, infrastructure, data, etc.

They offer products and services focused on energy efficiency, automation, electrical distribution, industrial automation, building automation, critical power and cooling for data centers, and solutions for residential and small businesses. Their aim is to help clients optimise energy usage, enhance productivity, and improve sustainability. 

It’s a huge enterprise, so will be extremely interesting to have David’s viewpoint of some of the challenges that occur when trying to instigate a military hiring initiative. 

The panel will dig into the issue of the hiring shortage. We’ll propose solutions, as well as sharing the experiences of hiring people with military experience. Plus, if you've got a burning question, the audience can ask any questions as the evening goes on.

It's going to be big.

Want to join us? Send your details in and we’ll be randomly drawing names to attend!

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