February 15, 2024

Neuron x Redeployable: Why Hire Veterans?

Neuron is a connectivity and digital management platform. It helps companies that operate fleets, such as ships, planes and trains, better understand and improve their internet connectivity. 

The platform uses real-time data and AI to provide companies with maximum visibility, insights, and control over their connectivity. Enabling them to drive high-quality connectivity and digital experiences, wherever they are.

For example, a cruise company could use Neuron to increase operational efficiency and give their guests a reliable internet connection, no matter where they are at sea. The result is happier guests, higher satisfaction scores, and more business! 

An exciting place to be.

Why is it such a great company, and industry to work in? Because connectivity fuels business. Simple. 

It should work anywhere, any time. Whether you’re flying 35,000 feet above the ground, or cruising thousands of miles across the ocean, you want to be able to stay connected, without interruptions. 

With people’s expectations for being (and staying) connected showing no signs of slowing down, companies need the right tools in place to support digital operations and customer expectations. 

For companies that operate fleets, like airlines, cruise lines, shipping and more, it can be a costly challenge. Companies need the right tools in place, or they won’t keep up with competitors. 

That’s why it’s such an exciting industry. It’s always advancing, and is growing exponentially. Neuron is solving challenges that other companies have grappled with for years, by taking a unique, AI-led approach. 

What skills do military candidates have that make them ideal candidates? 

Military training sets candidates up with a lot of hard and soft skills, as well as a range of competencies that are transferable. For a tech startup like Neuron, it’s a very attractive skill set. Here are some of the key ones: 

Adaptable: This industry doesn’t sit still. Like many tech-based industries, it is always advancing and progressing, meaning that you need to be able to constantly adapt to changing situations and new functions. 

Resilient: It goes hand-in-hand with adaptability and is essential if you’re going to take change in your stride. Being resilient means being unfazed by frequent changes or challenging work environments. In the military, situations change in an instant, so military talent is likely used to this. 

Problem-solver: Being able to problem-solve is a key skill. There might be situations where team members don’t have every piece of a puzzle; this requires a problem-solving mindset. The military trains you to think like this, so it will come easily to candidates. 

It was only natural then, that Neuron wanted to hire a veteran. But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what they said 👇

As an organisation, we value a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. For the Global Director of People role, we needed to explore candidates with service experience. 
James had that and a broader mix of experience that will be needed as we grow.
Veterans stand out because of their self-discipline and ability to adapt to challenge(s). They are mentally resilient and able to cope with change and fast-paced environments, including the ability to problem-solve, adapt and overcome any obstacles. The military also places a great emphasis on working together as a team, often with people from different disciplines. This is especially important at a startup.

Why do you think Military experience gave James an edge? 

While we recruited James as our Global Director of People, it is very important in a startup to be comfortable stepping out of your lane and supporting other functions that are not in your particular skill set. This is a characteristic that is core to success in the military. Everyone needs to be able to do their core role and, ideally, multiple others to a reasonable standard. 
James has epitomized this characteristic through his hunger to understand the business and the roles of other teams both during the interview process and since he joined Neuron. 

Would you work with us again? 

Absolutely, Suzie from the Redeployable team was great. We would use Redeployable for roles in the future. 
Does it sound like your company could benefit from talent like James? Then get in touch. 

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