October 3, 2023

UKspace x Redeployable: We’re partnering to bridge the space industry hiring gap

The Space Industry has a hiring issue. It’s caused by the skills shortage and means there’s a lack of high-quality candidates ending up in this mega-exciting industry. So we’re joining forces, to ensure we launch as many ex-forces careers into the space as possible.

UKspace are providing career opportunities for ex-military who might be interested in launching or propelling their post-military-space career.

“Finding and selecting an appropriately skilled workforce in the space industry has its challenges, with many UKspace members facing ongoing recruitment difficulties relating to a national skills shortage.” - Lizzie Kerr, Director, UKspace

Together, we’re going to leverage the skillsets and experience that ex-mil have, creating a pathway for them to find exceptional roles in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) under the UKspace agency umbrella.

But what skills to ex-mil have, that make them perfect candidates? 

A whole host. From problem-solving, to discipline, technical expertise, project management and teamwork; they’re well equipt for this industry. 

"I'm super excited that Redeployable is collaborating with UKspace on this mission! It's massive for the military community, and massive for the space industry. Harnessing the skills of the military will propel the UK space sector closer its 10% global space market share target. For our candidates, it's an incredible opportunity for their post-military careers." Ben Read, Founder and CEO, Redeployable

A whole host. From problem-solving, to discipline, technical expertise, project management and teamwork; they’re well equipt for this industry. 

In a fast-changing sector, space often demands quite specific, technical skills. The military trains its personnel in cutting-edge, role-specific capabilities. Often, these kinds of technical skills are not easy to come by in the civvy-street-candidate-pool. By partnering with us, we’re helping to open the door to some highly capable, competent candidates. 

Plus, ex-military candidates don’t bat an eye at high-pressure, high-stakes operations. Handy, when you’re working environments that rely on acute attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to top-notch quality delivery. 

What’s the deal? 

UKspace has a 12-month subscription to Redployable. During that time, member companies will have free access to the platform and can enjoy the smart-matching algorithm to find the perfect candidates. 

“This exciting collaboration with Redeployable provides our members with an easy-to-use platform that matches ex-service personnel or veterans already in the commercial world – who often have many of the skills needed to work in the space sector – to the plethora of skilled space jobs on offer. UKspace also applauds the ‘blind recruitment’ approach which ensures diverse and non-biased selection. We are delighted to be one of the first to partner with Redeployable." - Lizzie Kerr, Director, UKspace

It will save hiring managers time, and money, and will guarantee a high standard of candidates. 

Are you a candidate looking to get launch into the space industry? Create your profile now. 
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