January 5, 2024

Redeployable's 2023 Highlights

It was a mega year for us. Our biggest yet. Here are the highlights 👇

🌟 The Redeployable team grew  

With Ben and Henry bringing Redeployable into 2023, we’re chuffed that this year, we’re

 9 people strong. And growing. 

We’ve created a product team, hired more customer success managers, and brought in a marketing lead. 

It means we should be able to reach a hell of a lot more military candidates this year, 

🌟 We launched the technology 

After months of building the platform from scratch, we finally launched in September 2023. It means we can use smart matching to connect candidates with jobs that suit them. 

But we’re not done yet. 

We’ve got a huge year planned for platform advancements, so look out for new features and big changes to the functionality. 

🌟 We hosted some epic events 

Both with Salesforce and Meta.

The meta event marked our launch and involved a panel talk that debated how military experience is good for business. Lots of networking went on (late) into the evening; it was a great opportunity for businesses and military candidates to connect. 

🌟 The tech got investment, and we announced our pre-seed funding round. 

We’ve got support from a group of investors made up of experts from different areas of the tech industry. It means we can refine the platform, driving matches between candidates and employers.  Find out more about this here.

🌟 We won some awards 

We won Heropreneurs start-up of the year, we got our Silver Employer Recognition Scheme Award, and we’ve been nominated for Seed Legal’s Game Changer Award. 

🌟 And we finished the year with a trip to Wales

For a week of strategy and planning. And red wine. 

It was a great chance to get together, and we’ve got some big announcements coming soon. 

Thanks for being on this journey with us. 

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